So been a client for a few months however putting it on the back burner for a while. The site is really simple and easy to use, it does go down generally more than a bank website or actually any website should however given the changes and updates that happen constantly it is an evolving platform. Generally speaking usabilty is great however a few things have happened over the last few months that are worthy of a full review.

Money – deposits – transfers – withdrawl:

Funding your account is really supper easy. You can do an EFT choose the correct bank and generally same day if not a few hours you have the credit in your account ready to use. The credit card option does cost more however it is immediate. My frustration rose when I wanted to withdraw money.  Seems there is a clause in place that you cannot deposit and with draw within 14 days. So if you wanted to move money inbetween acccounts and use the market as a holding area for funds to generate revenue then look some where else. The 14 day time limit does not make this a feasible option at all.

Available funds

When you figured out how this works and the funds are unlocked you can withdraw and have an express withdrawl which is awesome. When requesting you do get an automated response however would have been better if I recieved a confirmation it had been done.  Now you need to wait the 24 hours and see if the funds reflect. Not ideal.


It is there however I think snail mail aka posting a letter is faster. Some examples: Ticket: #211054 was sent on the 04th January and I recieved a response on the 30th January 2018.  Next example is Ticket: #288276 submitted on the 04 July and responded to on the 18 July 2018 – note to this day my query is not completed.

Buy / sell / pricing

Personally I am convinced there is some disparity between the buy and sell and the market rates. Certain shares you cannot buy allot of while others you can, I understand why however dont have much confidence in the applied rates. This obiously would be negated if a live share price was available – suggestion even at a premium.


You see with being new and all with this I have paid some great school fees in the share trading market. Wether I am nieve or simply dont understand, when Basil Read stocks were suspended it took a few weeks and my shares were “Sold” I use this term loosly as how can they be sold if they are suspended ? Why did it take so long ? Respnse I recieved was that the share orders could not be filled ? Again I ask then why wait so long? To cap it off I was paid out the prevail closing share price ? Huh why as I was caught out with some shares in the portfolio that I paid over 20 for but you paid me out 2 ? Where is the integrity in that oh and why dont you refund your service fee on taht while you at it as it is your fault you could not fufil the order right?

Any way – bottom line a great system however dont believe the inetgrity or the customer service is online with what one would expect from a platform such as this.